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Safe Dog ID Collar "Testimonials"

July 22, 2015

I am so happy with these collar's.
They are both Micro-chipped, these collars add a extra layer of safe ID for them at home.


July 4, 2015

By Linda Fuoco / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Make sure dogs have current ID tags and micro chips so that if they are lost, they will be found.
Pablo, our cocker spaniel, is microchipped, but I love his low-tech, stretchy neoprene collar from www.SafeDogID.com
that cost $10, including the Sharpie pen that I used to write his name and our cell phone numbers.
It’s the only collar I would ever leave on a dog, because if it gets caught on anything it comes off, unlike leather,
nylon or metal collars than can strangle a dog.

Linda Fuoco

April 8, 2015

Will be ordering a back- up collar for my collie soon. Her first one
is still in good shape after long wear but getting a bit stretched. What the
testimonials don't say is that, beyond the safety and comfort features,this is
a wonderful "at home" collar for dogs with long hair and fluffy ruffs -- your
collar doesn't cause matting as all others do, it doesn't show and ruin the
regal look of a rough collie (though someone who finds the dog can see a small
flash of color at the back of the neck and will know that there is a collar with
I write on both sides of the collar so that the fact that there
is ID info can't be overlooked. Great product!


December 11, 2014

This is my dogs 2nd one. She has this one almost worn out and streatched, is its old, needs to be replaced.
We have a lot of wooded area and have almost lost two of our dogs in the past when they got caught up in something with a regular collar on.
Both times we were lucky enough to be close when that happened.
Now with you collar I just look for the color because it came off just as soon as she got caught.
Love your product.

Don Wilson
Woodbury, MN

November 26 2014

These are truly wonderful collars, the dogs love them.

New Baltimore, MI

November 20 2014

Just received the collars. They look great! Can't wait to use them.


Charlotte, NC

November 18 2014

Thank you Laura!
This is the perfect solution for Cody to have ID on him and be safe!
Glad I found you!

Have a great day!

Voorhees, NJ

November 15, 2014

Hi Laura!

Just received the collars today!!! Thank you so much for resending them!
I am going to make sure I tell all my dog friends about your product and how dependable your company is
- I'm also going to tell my vet about your collars (they are always interested in great pet products).
I think they would be a plus for pets that are being housed in vet clinics, especially since they
always remove the regular collars.
They could use your collars not only for identification but a way to write down meds or medical instructions, allergies,
etc....just a thought!

Anyway, thanks again Laura for all your time and effort,
best product ever!


Woodbury, MN

July 25, 2014

Hi, Laura! I just got the collars today; thank you for the super fast shipping!
I was amazed how quickly they arrived.

I love these collars already. Unlike the breakaway safety collars I had before,
these stay on when my dogs are playing! I feel much better knowing they have a
collar that stays on all the time should they get out, but is safe from a
strangulation accident. I wish more people realized how dangerous standard nylon
and leather collars are, even the ones with quick-release snaps.

I attached some pictures of my boys wearing their new collars. I'll be
recommending your collars to all my dog rescue friends on Facebook. Thanks

Hollywood, Florida

March 2014

While playing one day about 10 years ago , my male blue healer, Bubba, grabbed the collar on my female german shepherd, Sissy, and somehow did a flip tightening the collar into a figure 8, one loop around his bottom jaw and the other around Sissy's neck.
It was an old fashioned collar with the metal buckle. Bubba was screaming in pain and Sissy was strangling as they struggled against each other and my husband and I frantically searched for a knife to cut the collar. (Unbuckling was impossible).
Blood was pouring out the shepherd's nose and she was near death.
My husband found a pocket knife and began sawing through the collar which was so tight he could barely get the knife under it.
Just as she went limp, he cut through the collar and released them. They were exhausted, but recovered completely.
Thank goodness we were there or they both would have died.
None of my dogs has ever worn a traditional collar since. I am grateful for the safety collars available today!

Judy & Vance
Goliad, Texas

September 2013

Thanks Laura!

They love these collars! They would chew and try to rub off the other collars we had before.


June "2013"

Hi Laura,

Thank you so much for the dog collars! They have worked out great!! These
collars are definitely for dogs that hate collars! They hardly know that they
are wearing them.

Rabekah Mivelaz
La Crescenta, CA

October "2012"
Hi Laura,

All four of our dogs are now wearing their collars and so far so good!

My husband wondered if they would come off easily when they play, but so far, all have stayed on and they are so comfortable.

Our dogs normally do not like the feel of collars. They cause them to itch etc...but I do not even think they feel these.

Just a great idea! Our guys love to jump in the pool and roll in the dirt.

I was always so worried about our guys getting out of the yard by accident and no one knowing who they belonged to.

We have all rescues, with various backgrounds, so the thought of them getting picked up by animal control would be so traumatic. However, I have seen dogs caught up by their collars, so that is why I did not keep them in collars all of the time.

Two of our friendlier dogs are chipped, but I have not done the other two because it would be too scary for them, so I am just thrilled with your product. Good luck with it. Truly a great idea. Good price too.

Rhonda Grisak
Lucas, Texas

September "2012"
Thanks for making a collar that my dogs are safe wearing.They have never had the collars removed, except for baths.
They eat, sleep, play, walk in these...24/7! I am so relieved to have ID's on them and it puts my mind at ease, knowing
that I can leave them without the worry of hanging themselves or getting caught in something. I will continue to purchase
your collars in the future and will recommend them highly!

Best wishes,
Charlie & Karla Warner

January "2006"
Hi Safe Dog ID,
We really believe in the Safe Dog I.D. Collar and see the need in so many areas. Your product is practical, innovative and helpful to our clients. Right now Lilly (one of my search Dogs) is sleeping at my feet with her Safe Dog ID on her!
I love it!

January "2009"
Hi Laura,
I need to order new collars for my dogs.
I LOVE your product- I think your collar is the best kept secret out there.
They are very durable and have lasted all this time-2 years!
They are still working fine but starting to fray a little at the edges and I need a new size for a foster dog I have now....

Annalisa Berns,
Pet Detective

I am a Pet Sitter whose customers have purchased your wonderful collars!
They have been very pleased and praise you for your innovation.

Sharon Hamolski,
Doggie-Do-Right. Kitties Too!

Thank You Safe dog ID,
Venus (my cat) is much happier with a flexable and light collar and faster too!
He caught two mice in three days!

Mike Jilka
Sol Rite Surfboards

Dear Safe Dog,
Thank you very much for the collars, they're awesome!
We have been through a lot of sad cases where the pets did not have any collar on. I really think it's wonderful idea because your collar is not heavy and it can be worn with another one. Also I love the concept of having the owners info written down on the collar.
Thank you again Laura, the collars are amazing!!

Veronica Escobar
Pet Detective

Hi Safe Dog,
I foster dogs and have bandanas that are embroidered with "Adopt Me " on them. They work great except other dogs always grab hold of them and pull the poor dog around, they get torn,very dirty,ect...Your collars look like they will work much better and are very practicable.
I will be buying some for my own foster dogs!

Good Luck and Great Idea!
Christy Bannister