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Safe Dog ID Collar "Why Collars are Made"

"This collar was developed by necessity"
three dogs playing with safe dog collars

About 33 years ago (1991) my dog and sisters dog were playing when one of them got it's teeth caught in the nylon collar then rolled over. They were struggling so much and the collar was so tight we could not get it undone. Then she passed out and stopped breathing, just then a neighbor came out with a very sharp knife and cut the collar off. I started breathing through her nose and she woke up. We took her to the vet and she was ok.

At the time my sister and I were manufacturing surf leashes and we had lots of neoprene around. So we made our dogs collars out of it and wrote their name and phone number on them. We have been using them on our dogs and making them for friends dogs ever since.

dogs at fence